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    If you have purchased Popup Card Studio™ but have lost your registration code, please click this link to have it sent to you.

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    Having some trouble? You may contact us directly by opening a support ticket. Please allow at least 1 business day to hear back.

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    We have a learning center with video tutorials available. Please click here to visit.

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    Our customers are wonderful helpers and they always seem to be online no matter what time of day! Why not try asking your question on our forum?

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    If you'd like to contact the owners directly, you may use the Contact Us form.

OpenGL Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with freezing, crashing or lines not being drawn correctly, please follow these steps.

Enable 32bit Color: Your monitor/screen should be running with 32bit color. Please refer to this article. Please see section Set the color for an LCD monitor. Windows XP users, please refer to this this article.

Update Your Computer: Run Windows Update and make sure your computer is completely up to date. This includes Optional Updates. For information on how to do this: Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows XP.

Running Parallels on Mac: Make sure Parallels Tools are installed. To do this, please refer to this article.

Update Your Video Card Drivers: To identify what video card you have and where to get drivers, please refer to this article. Mac Users on Parallels: Do NOT do this. Your video card is emulated by software. Installing hardware drivers could cause you massive problems.

Send Us Diagnostics: When all else fails, please install the GL Extensions Viewer. Once you open it, click the icon that looks like a blue cylinder (GL View Icon) at the top-right of the program and select "Save As". Send the XML file to After you do this, you may uninstall the GL Extensions Viewer. It is no longer needed.